Undergraduate Advisor
370D Gilbert Hall

Kate Daley-Bailey received her A.B. (2001) and M.A. (2004) degrees in Religion from the University of Georgia. She has taught Religion courses at the collegiate level for the last ten years at Georgia State University, Georgia Perimeter College, and the University of Georgia. As of 2014, she left adjunct teaching and has taken a full-time academic advisor position at the University of Georgia.

Kate is an undergraduate academic advisor for the Romance Languages department. She advises French, Spanish, and the Romance Languages majors and is the contact for Italian and Portuguese minors. She is one of the 25 professional academic advisors hired as part of the Provost’s initiative.

Article and Book Reviews

Understanding the Working College Student: New Research and Its Implications for Policy and Practice, edited by Laura W. Perna Teaching Theology and Religion, Issue 15:3, July 2012

Challenges on the Emmaus Road: Episcopal Bishops Confront Slavery, Civil War, and Emancipation, by Dorn T. Felder Civil War Book Review, Issue Fall 2014

 Academic Working Lives: Experience, Practice and Change  (2014) by Lynne Gornall, Caryn Cook, Lyn Daunton, Jane Salisbury and Brychan Thomas, eds. Reflective Teaching, Online Issue for 3/26/ 2015

 The Higher Education Scene in America: Some Observations (2014) by Abraham Gitlow and Howard Gitlow, Reflective Teaching, Online Issue for 10/15/2015

 Mentoring At-Risk Students through the Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education (2013) by Buffy Smith, Reflective Teaching, Online Issue for 05/13/2016


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