Degree: Master of Arts
School/College: Arts and Sciences
Department: Romance Languages
Program of Study or Area of Emphasis: Romance Languages (Literature, Thesis Option)*
Total Hours Required for this Degree: 30


Twenty-seven hours of elective courses and three hours of ROML 7300 are required for the M.A. in Romance Languages. Fifteen of the twenty-seven hours must be in the major language, and the remaining twelve hours must be in the minor language. See the Graduate Handbook for additional information on this program.



Teaching Assistants must take one of these two courses:


Course Numbers Title Credits
SPAN/LING 7750 Teaching College Spanish 3 hours
FREN/ROML 7700 Teaching College French 3 hours



To be selected from the list of graduate courses in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Romance Languages. Students at the M.A. level are limited to three credit hours of ROML 8000.   




Course Number Title Credits
ROML 7300 Master's Thesis* 1-9 hours

*Repeatable for maximum 18 hours credit. A minimum of 3 hours is required by the Graduate School.  3 hours



Total hours required for this degree: 33. See the requirements above, except that non-thesis students do not take ROML 7300, but take 15 hours of elective courses.