Congratulations to ROML Fulbright Recipients

Two Romance Language majors have been granted Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships. Please join us in congratulating Geoffrey Nolan (Spanish and International Affairs) and Melissa Siegel (French, Political Science, and Sociology), who will be travelling next year to teach English in Baranquilla, Colombia and Malaysia, respectively. Follow this link to an interview with them in Georgia E-News!

Class Discussions and Interviews with Josefina Báez

Class Discussions and Interviews with Josefina Báez


  • Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, and Faculty Discussion

            ** 2:30-3:30 ** 

         Discussion and interview related to Dominicanish (2000); identity, immigrant experience(s), transnationalism, hybridity, and other topics and questions.

        Language: Spanish


  • Graduate Student and Faculty Discussion

           ** 3:30 - 4:30 **


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