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T, Th 12:15-1 pm & appt.

Tim Raser has been teaching at UGA since 1985; he got a doctorate from Yale in 1982, finding a first teaching job at the University of Tulsa before moving to Athens.  He now teaches our introductory French literature course and two modern French literature surveys at the undergraduate level; at the graduate level, he teaches a modern survey course and a literary theory course, as well as topical seminars in 19th-century French literature. 
His research has largely to do with æsthetics and the relation between literature and the visual arts; he has just published a study with Legenda entitled “Baudelaire and Photography.”
Raser was also Book Review Editor for Nineteenth-Century French Studies; you may access a database of the reviews published in NCFS by going to db.franklin.uga.edu/ncfsreviews.



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