Assistant Professor of Spanish
350E Gilbert Hall
Office Hours: 
Monday 1:30-2:30 / Wednesday 1:30-3pm

Ph.D. Boston College 

B.A. Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia

Alberto Villate Isaza specializes in Latin American colonial literature, culture and historiography, particularly in the New Kingdom of Granada. Other interest and areas of research include social and political theory of the baroque, discourses of Latin American national identity, and nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Latin American literature, especially modernismo. He is currently working on a book-length project that explores the ways in which three seventeenth-century historical accounts of the New Kingdom of Granada envelop the colonial elite within the logic of colonization. It contends that by intending to regulate both private and public behavior these accounts functions as a form of secular evangelization, with the historian playing the double role of missionary priest.


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“From ‘Cuadro de costumbres’ to Nationalist Tool: The Case of El Carnero in the Colombian Literary Canon.” Bulletin of Spanish Studies. 92.2, 2015. 235-254.

 “El fracaso de los amos de empresa: las imposibilidades de la modernidad en De sobremesa y La vorágine.” A Contracorriente. Vol. 10.2, Winter 2013, 219-242.


SPAN 3030: Introduction to Lietrature in Spanish

SPAN 4060: Spanish-American Literature and Culture from the Colonial Period through the Independence Period

SPAN 4080: ¡Mi tierra! Questions of Belonging and Land Appropriation in Spanish American Literature and Culture

SPAN 6500: El cuerpo de la historia: Control y autoridad en la conquista y colonia del Nuevo Mundo