Professor Baillehache’s research focuses on translation studies, as well as born-digital literature and games.  

Selected publications :

“Remédiatiser la lettre des Nouvelles Impressions d’Afrique”. Cuadernos de Filologìa Francesa, 28. Universidad de Extremadura, 2018. 137-152.

“Translating constrained literature: Translation or transposition?”. MLN French Issue 131:4. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016. 892-904.

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“Chance Operations and Randomizers in Avant-Garde and Electronic Poetry”. Textual Cultures 8:1. Indiana University Press, 2014. Web. 42-60.

“Le Passage en ligne de la Lettre” (The digitization of the Letter), in La Lettre Mensuel (journal), Ecole de la Cause freudienne, juin 2013. 

“Oulipo et traduction”. Formules, 16. Presses Universitaires du Nouveau Monde, 2012. 279-290.

”The Infernal Intimacy of Iliazd’s books”, with English translations from Il’â Zdanevič’s LidantÛ fAram, in The Wolf (Journal), issue 26, 2012.