Rachel Gabara teaches French and Francophone African and Caribbean literature and film. She is the author of From Split to Screened Selves: French and Francophone Autobiography in the Third Person (Stanford, 2006) and essays on African film in The Global Auteur: Politics and Philosophy in 21st Century Cinema (Bloomsbury, 2016), Global Art Cinema: New Theories And Histories (Oxford, 2010) and Italian Neorealism and Global Cinema (Wayne State, 2007). She is currently working on a book-length study of post-independence African documentary film in relation to the history of French colonial cinema in West and Central Africa, tentatively entitled “Reclaiming Realism: From Documentary Film in Africa to African Documentary Film”. Her article on this topic, "War by Documentary," appeared in Romance Notes (55.3, 2015), and “From Ethnography to Essay: Realism, Reflexivity, and African Documentary Film” is forthcoming in A Companion to African Cinema (Wiley-Blackwell, 2018).