UGA en Buenos Aires

This immersion program allows students to live in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Students will increase competence in Spanish and learn about South American society and culture within a rigorous academic setting with both UGA and Universidad de Palermo faculty members.

UGA en España

The Franklin College of Arts & Sciences, in partnership with the Terry College of Business, sponsors three study abroad sites in Spain: Valencia, Cadiz, and Sevilla, with the common goal of globalizing the UGA undergraduate degree.

UGA en France

Montpellier:  Come live and learn in Southern France with 7 1/2 weeks in Montpellier. The goal of this program is to increase awareness on the part of American students, while improving their language skills and providing them the occasion to witness first hand how the French deal with various social issues.

UGA en La Habana

UGA en La Habana is an immersion program that offers the opportunity to study Spanish and culture courses from a privileged location: Havana, Cuba, a city with multiple layers of visible history. The direct contact with the Cuban population will give an invaluable insight of the political, social, and cultural situation of the island, promoting at the same time the understanding of and respect for cultural differences beyond the political strife.

Spanish and Culture in Costa Rica

This exciting new five week study abroad program in intensive Spanish provides students with a language and cultural immersion experience in Costa Rica. The summer program takes place primarily in San Luis, at the San Luis Ecolodge and Research Station.