Pedagogy Workshop

“Designing Listening Comprehension Activities and Assessments for Content Classes in a Second Language”, presented by Annie Wendel and Jonathan Baillehache:

This workshop will present a set of activities and assessments that you can use at the 3000/4000 level or in any content-oriented language class in order to better your students listening comprehension skills while focusing on your content-specific course of study. You will be given opportunity to apply the methodology presented in small groups using sample material provided in our four languages. Bring your laptop.

Class Discussions and Interviews with Josefina Báez

Class Discussions and Interviews with Josefina Báez


  • Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, and Faculty Discussion

            ** 2:30-3:30 ** 

         Discussion and interview related to Dominicanish (2000); identity, immigrant experience(s), transnationalism, hybridity, and other topics and questions.

        Language: Spanish


  • Graduate Student and Faculty Discussion

           ** 3:30 - 4:30 **