UGA en Buenos Aires is an academically demanding intensive summer language immersion program during which students take six credits of university course credit over a six-week period. Classes are taught by both UGA and local Argentine university faculty with teaching experience in Buenos Aires and several universities in the United States.


Students take 2 of the following advanced courses, which provide for a third-year or fourth-year progression of six credits. 

year three courses (pre-requisite: SPAN 3010)
i) SPAN 3020-Advanced Composition and Conversation
ii) SPAN 3050-Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

year four courses (pre-requisite: SPAN 3030/3040)
i) SPAN 4080-Studies in Hispanic Literature and Culture
ii) SPAN 4082-Latin American Film

service-learning/internship options
Students in the year-three or year-four track may apply for a (Spanish-language) service-learning or internship placement in the City of Buenos Aires area, which will earn three UGA credit hours in one of the courses below in place of one of the above classes:

SPAN 4090S-Practicum in Service Learning or SPAN 4191-Internship in Spanish

Placements, which are NOT guaranteed, require that students first receive recommendation following placement interviews with UGABA staff prior to departure. Subsequently, students must send a current résumé in Spanish to potential providers and successfully complete an on-site interview. Students not accepted for placements will be required to enroll in traditional courses as listed above. Regardless of placement, students will have an unforgettable experience!